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Bills mailed 1/31

Due date 2/17

Late fees assessed 2/20

Disconnect day 2/20


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The Program outlines the responsibilities of customers to prevent the entry of pollutants and contaminants into our water system as well as possible solutions.

Payment Options

. Set up free autopay through our office (checking account only) - go to Forms, Customer Forms, Automatic Payment Form

. Pay at the office, mail it in, or pay online
. Drop box at office for after-hours cash or check payments
. Pay online with checking, savings, credit or debit card ($2.20 fee per transaction)

Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

January 03, 2023

Can you flush your toilet if your pipes are frozen? ...Talk about questions you “wish” you had asked!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that wonderful time of year when the worst of winter is looming upon us. And the Farmer’s Almanac has been warning us that the winter of 2023 will be both long and cold. So, we ask you… are your pipes ready? 

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